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If you’re looking to rediscover your innate connection to your body, the divine and healing, with a crazy arse bitch. Then babe, you’re in the right place. Take a look through my spiritual healing services and courses including Akashic Healing, Women Circles, Reiki, Crystals and more.

24 Day Crystal Advent Calendar

Reiki charged Crystal Advent Calendar

Can you think of a better way to count down the days to Christmas than with crystals? No? Me neither! 

Choose between a 24 or a 12 day advent calendar, packed full of crystals. Each crystal has been cleansed & charged with Reiki to amplify their healing energies.



  • Give yourself, friends and family Reiki Healing?
  • Use Reiki for personal goals, spiritual development & self-growth?
  • Heal personal problems & how to manifest your goal using Reiki
  • How to sense energy?
  • Check the state of chakras and balance them?
  • Give Reiki to children, pets. plants and worldly situations? 

If so, then I invite you to join me for this amazing 1 day course, where you’ll learn all of the above plus sooooo much more!


Fortnightly Women’s Circle working with the powerful cycles of the moon.

Learn Reiki level 1 or 2.  Choose to learn online, virtually or in person. 

Ignite your inner healing ability through Reiki or Akashic Healing.

Learn & expand your knowledge on how to look after your energy.

Take A Seat Within Divine Circle

I invite you to take a seat in the upcoming Divine Circle. In this women’s circle we will be working with the Summer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon

  • Guided meditation to seek wisdom from the Earth & Moon.
  • Celebrating our growth
  • Self-exploration through journaling.
  • Full moon release, creating space for new opportunities.
  • Love-To-Do ritual
  • Guided meditation to cultivate the Sun’s vitality.

Reclaim & protect your energy

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A little bit about


Oh hello there beautiful soul!  I’m Lauren.  A teacher, guide and space holder. I am humbled to connect with souls worldwide. Teaching and holding space for others to re-connect to themselves, their body, soul, and innate healing ability. I am a Reiki Master Teacher. A woman circle facilitator and an Akashic records guide. Feel free to look at my spiritual healing offers including in-person and online Reiki courses, Akashic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing. As well as my latest offering of women circles. 

Learn reiki


Online eCourse

Learn online
£ 77
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Distant Attunements
  • 18 Modules Including Videos & MP3s
  • Lifetime Access To Course Content

Live Virtual Course

Via Google Meets
£ 150
  • Learn In A Group Setting
  • Distant Attunements
  • 67 Page Indepth Reiki Manual
  • 8 Hour Interactive Virtual Workshop

In Person

In Swindon
£ 170
  • Learn In A Group Setting
  • In Person Attunements
  • Practice On Others
  • 67 Page Indepth Reiki Manual
  • 8 Hour Workshop


Vicki Bennett
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I completed my Reiki level one with Lauren and wow!! I had studied level one before around 20 years ago but it was nothing compared to this. We received the manual when we signed up and I was blown away by the level of detail and care. It gave me a really good foundation of knowledge, including the science behind it which I loved! The day itself was amazing. The studio was beautiful and very calming. Lauren put us instantly at ease and we began the day with a meditation. The course was packed full of knowledge and information broken up by receiving your attunements. It was very relaxed and informal which fitted the course very well. Lauren was so knowledgable and went above and beyond, showing you all of the different applications for Reiki, including crystal work. I cannot recommend Lauren enough! I am already planning on completing Reiki level 2 with her 😊✨
Vaiva Koc
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I had a pleasure to experience distance Akashik Record healing offered by Lauren. She was friendly, kind and at the same time very professional explaining the process. During the healing, I could feel her energy work - the flow was gentle & relaxing, but at the same time I could tell that lots of release and clearing was happening. Her follow up email with the insights she received during the session was mind blowing accurate and I could resonate with everything she said! Thank you Lauren for a beautiful session Would recommend to anyone interested!!
Natalie Hanson
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I had my first distant reiki session with Lauren and I’m still blown away at how powerful it has been. I’d been dealing with a traumatic event and truly believe the session has helped me to release trapped and suppressed emotions. I recommend Lauren as she is a lovely person and will answer any questions you may have about the session, making you feel welcome and at ease. I’m looking forward to another reiki session 💜
Dawn Sabell
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I had an amazing Akashic healing session with Lauren, It was my first experience of Akashic healing and I wasn’t disappointed! Lauren explained the process in depth beforehand and answered all of my questions with ease. I had a remote healing session so we arranged a mutually convenient time and I then just had to set the intention to receive the healing. Lauren programmed for me to receive the healing during the night as this is when we are most receptive. On the night of the healing I experienced extremely vivid dreams and at one part I knew I was me but I had an old fashioned blue dress on and long brown hair. I was looking in a mirror but I could get a clear image of my face. I woke up feeling really energised and in a great mood. Lauren sent a detailed report the next day reporting everything that she found out and what healing work I had experienced. She talked about several lives that I had had which was fascinating and really resonated with me in to some way in this life. One of the lives I had been told about before and Lauren confirmed this for me in her report. Lauren is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend having this session with her.
C Marchant
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I have received a wonderful Reiki healing from Lauren recently, and I’m so glad I purchased a bundle of sessions from her! She really goes above and beyond with her feedback and all of the amazing information she provides! I also attended a free Zoom class that Lauren offered last week. I walked away from it with some great new information. Thank you so much, Lauren! 💕💕💕
Kayleigh Brooks
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This was my first reiki session with Lauren. I'd experienced reiki 4 years prior by another reiki healer & it was life changing. The session I had with Lauren was distanced I was explained what to expect beforehand via email of very informative details. I NEEDED THIS SESSION! I felt like I was going off the rails the past 4 years due to trauma. Lauren was unaware of any of these problems until she started working on my chakras she was spookily spot on with everything. The chakras that were unbalanced resonated in my everyday life she picked up on my anxiety and the weight I carry around I struggle to heal & let go of past events. I had an inkling I was completely unbalanced because of how I was feeling all the time and no matter how much I tried to meditate and work with my own chakras I could not I couldn't focus and I would get frustrated with myself (third eye chakra was out of whack) Lauren also had my nana come through she saw her standing behind me she was sceptical about telling me as it has never happened to her she didn't want to sound crazy. But I knew straight away it was my great nana as I've been told in the past by a clairvoyant over 11 years ago she is with me always watching over me. Since the reiki session my intuition is strong again and I've been able to meditate. My reading was also spot on with her all completely resonating with what was going on with my life currently starting up a new buisness. Thank you so much Lauren I've recommended you to everyone 💜


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Fuck New Year Resolutions

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Journaling Improves Mental Well-being

journaling improves mental well-being This month I want to talk about the simple act of writing and how it can help your mental well-being. Writing, also known as journaling, is a powerful tool to have in your wellness toolkit! Have you ever pushed down your emotions? I’m sure all of us, from time to time, have

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The Gut Mind Connection

THE Gut Mind CONNECTION  I would love to talk about something very basic that can have a huge impact on Your mental wellbeing and that is food!  The nutrition you consume doesn’t just affect your physical body. It also affects your emotional and mental health. Food even affects your energy body too! Did you know

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Learn How to Reclaim & Retain Your Energy

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