Embrace the Power of Moon Cycles
on Your Spiritual Journey

The moon has been encapsulating the hearts and minds of humanity for millennia. Shaping everything from ancient legends to contemporary scientific research. Our ancestors have always understood her deep connection and influence on our emotions, psyche and environment around us. 

The moon plays a pivotal role in spiritual and personal development practices. By tuning into the moon’s cycles, we can align ourselves with a natural rhythm we are all connected to, that enhances our goals, actions, and reflections.

In this blog, you will delve into the four primary phases of the moon:

The New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.

Each phase possesses its own energy and presents unique opportunities for growth and transformation. Whether you’re setting new intentions, advancing towards your aspirations, celebrating milestones, or releasing the old, the moon’s phases offer a powerful structure to support your journey.

Additionally, each New and Full Moon occurs in a specific astrological sign, bringing a distinctive flavour and energy to each phase. This extra layer of understanding allows for even more personalised spiritual practices. Keep your eye out for future posts exploring how the moon’s position in different signs can influence your path.

But for now, we’ll explore each moon phase in detail, offering practical activities and insights to help you harness the moon’s energy. You can work with the phases of the moon in your way. However, if you would like guidance on New & Full Moon rituals, or would like to join a moon circle of like-minded women as you learn to journey through the cycles of your life alongside the moon, then you may wish to take a look at our Divine Circles.

The New Moon: Planting Seeds of Intention 🌑

The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle when the moon is not visible in the sky. This phase is all about new beginnings and setting intentions for the upcoming cycle.

It is not a time for doing. But rather, a powerful time to reflect on your desires. Nurturing your soil to plant your seeds of intention for the coming month. Your intuition & self-awareness are heightened at this phase of the lunar cycle as your focus is drawn inwards. 

Activities for the New Moon

Set Goals: Write down your intentions and goals for the next month. Be specific and positive.

Meditate & Visualise: Spend some quiet time meditating on what you want to manifest.

Vision Board: Create a vision board that represents your goals and dreams.

Rest & Self-Love: You may feel your energy is low just like the moon. Take time for rest and invest in activities of self-love & care. This will help nurture your soil and give a strong foundation for your seed to grow over the moon cycle. 

Journal Prompts for this phase

🖊️ What seeds of intention do I wish to plant for this upcoming moon cycle?

🖊️ What am I open to receiving from the universe this month?

🖊️ What stirrings & emotions have I been feeling deep within me? 

In our Divine Circles, we come together during the New Moon to collectively set our intentions. Working with the influence of the sign the moon is sitting within. This shared experience amplifies our individual goals, creating a powerful synergy. Join our next New Moon Circle to plant the seeds of your dreams.

The Waxing Moon: Building Momentum 🌓

As the moon grows from new to full, this Waxing phase is a time of action and growth. The moon is slowly gaining back her energy and light. We too start to feel our energy levels increasing and a pull to take action. This is the part of the lunar phase when you start working towards the intentions and goals you set during the New Moon.

Activities for the waxing Moon

Take Action: Break down your goals into actionable steps and start working on them.

Visualisation: Spend a few minutes each day visualising the successful completion of your goals.

Affirmations: Use positive affirmations to reinforce your intentions and keep your energy high.

Take Notice: Take notice of any signs the universe is bringing to you. Notice how you are feeling, and any doubts or limitations arising as you move towards your aspirations.

Journal Prompts for this phase

🖊️ What actions can I take daily to move me towards my New Moon intentions?

🖊️ What doubts or self-limitations are coming to the surface?  

🖊️ What intentions feel challenging, do they need to be changed or is it my ego holding me back to feel safe?

The Full Moon: Celebrating Completion 🌕

The Full Moon is a powerful phase. She is fully illuminated, bright and full in the night sky. It’s a time of celebration, gratitude, and fulfilment. The Full Moon’s bright light illuminates our achievements as well as what needs to be changed or released over the upcoming waning phase.

She is at her fullest energy, and you may find your energy is at its highest too! Just as the new moon brings our energy and focus inwards, the full moon brings our energy and focus outwards. You may find emotions, issues and fears being pulled up to the surface at this time of the moon cycle.

Activities for the full Moon

Gratitude Ritual: Write down everything you’re grateful for and celebrate your achievements since your New Moon intentions.

Reflect: Reflect over the first half of the moon cycle. What intentions grew and felt aligned? What intentions felt icky and possibly need to be released or changed?

Release Ceremony: Let go of any negative thoughts or obstacles that are holding you back. Write it all down on a piece of paper and burn it. 

Cleanse: Cleanse your energy, cleanse your house and your crystals. Take a bath, or go outside and bathe in the light of the full moon.

Journal Prompts for this phase

🖊️ What new moon intentions came true and what intentions didn’t? What stopped them?

🖊️ What feelings, issues, and limitations are coming to the surface?

🖊️ What do I need to release over the waning moon?

Our Divine Circles gather during the Full Moon to celebrate our achievements and perform release ceremonies. Each Full Moon circle is different as we work with the energy of the sign that it sits within. Adding extra depth and exploration. Join our next Full Moon Circle and bask in the moon’s glow together.

The Waning Moon: Reflecting and Releasing 🌘

As the moon wanes from full to new, this phase is about letting go and reflecting. The moon is shedding her light, as her energy slowly moves back within. We may find our momentum and energy slowing down, and our focus coming into your internal landscape. 

This is a powerful phase of the moon to release and heal the old stories, beliefs, and limitations preventing you from achieving your intentions, goals and dreams. It is also a great time to take steps to release habits, people, and roles that are no longer serving you. Clearing out the shit to make space for the good.

Activities for the Waning Moon

Declutter: Clear out physical and emotional clutter to make space for new beginnings.

Heal: Do small acts that will help you heal. This could be anything from cleansing your chakras, practicing breathwork, seeing a healer to getting out in nature. 

Forgiveness Practice: Practice forgiveness for yourself and others to release lingering negativity. A great way to do this is to write a letter to whom you want to forgive (You don’t have to send it, this is for your internal declutter)

Wrap-Up: Move forward on anything that needs to be finished and wrapped up from your new intentions before going into a new cycle.

Journal Prompts for this phase

🖊️ How can begin to release, let go and surrender?

🖊️ What am I not ready to release and why?

🖊️ What darkness am I noticing within me?

Tap Into The Magic Of The Moon

Working with the moon’s cycles can bring profound changes to your spiritual practice and personal growth.

By aligning your actions with the natural rhythms of the moon, you can enhance your intentions and manifest your dreams more effectively and magically. Joining Divine Circles provides a supportive community to deepen this practice and share the journey with like-minded women. Explore our Divine Circles and start harnessing the power of the moon today!

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