Finding The Right Reiki Master For You

If you are reading this, I assume you are looking for a Reiki Master. If so, then fucking YES BABE! I am so excited and grateful that another soul is looking to acquire the gift of Reiki! It is life-transforming! Not just for your life. But for others, for the earth, for animals, for children, for the world! In my mind, I truly believe every person should have the gift of channelling Reiki. The world will be a more wholesome place, full of healing & compassion, as people uncover their innate ability to heal. 

Anyway, this blog isn’t about me getting goofy and excited about a world full of Reikifyers (A person who channels Reiki). This blog is to help you to find the right Reiki master for you!

What the fuck is a reiki master?

Good question. There are two types of Reiki Masters. Confused? Bear with me. People teach Reiki in different ways. Which is beautiful, as this means there is a Reiki Master out there for everyone. But more on that later. 

Reiki is taught across 3 or 4 levels depending on the teacher’s style. Level 1 is about self-healing. Reiki Level 2, is about using your gift of Reiki to become a practitioner and obtaining Reiki symbols to deepen the healing. Reiki Level 3, is known as the Reiki Master level. Some Reiki Masters split this third degree into two separate levels, the first level becoming a Reiki master and learning advanced Reiki techniques and being attuned to the master symbol. The second level becoming a Reiki teacher and learning how to transfer the gift of Reiki through attunements and obtaining two more symbols

This means there are Reiki Masters who are not yet teachers as they have not learned the sacred process of attunement. So the first thing to check is, is this Reiki Master a teacher? That is pretty fucking important otherwise they will not be able to transfer the gift of Reiki to you. 

To sum this up. A Reiki Master is a person who has learnt and been attuned to all the different levels of Reiki. They’re a person who has worked on their own healing journey. Channelled Reiki to benefit other people, animals, and situations. And dedicated to living their life the Reiki way. Spreading Reiki throughout the world. 

How do I find a Reiki Master who is right for me?

There are shit tons of Reiki Master Teachers out there for you to learn with. And all who have their own unique style of working with Reiki and how they teach Reiki. It can be quite overwhelming when you first start searching. But, if you have made the conscious decision to learn Reiki, then Reiki and your higher self will be guiding you towards the teacher who is a perfect fit for you. 

All you need to do is browse the teachers out there. Look at their websites, and socials, and talk to them over the phone, on email or face to face. It is a great idea to have a Reiki session with different practitioners and see who feels right. Choose the teacher who resonates with you the strongest. And most importantly. Trust that fucking intuition of yours!

With that said, here are a few things to consider when searching for a Reiki Master to learn with. Don’t be afraid to ask the Reiki Master questions, they will be expecting it!!

1. Is the Reiki Master recognised by a professional body?

Is the Reiki master recognised by a regulatory body? Such as the UK Reiki Federation, the Reiki Association, the Federation of Holistic Therapies or another professional body that has checked the persons’ qualifications. Not all Reiki Masters will be recognised by a regulatory body. And that is because legally, they don’t have to be to teach. But it is a good code of conduct and helps instil trust. 

2. Is the Reiki Master insured?

Again, Reiki masters legally don’t have to be insured to give or teach Reiki, so you will find a load of people who are not. But it is a good code of conduct, as a student you will feel safer knowing that your teacher is being governed to give the best possible service and education to their students. 

3. What is their relationship with Reiki?

This one is really important. What is the Reiki Masters’ relationship with Reiki? Do they just use it when teaching? Are they an active Reiki practitioner giving Reiki treatments? Do they use Reiki in their personal lives? Do practice both in-person and distance Reiki? What are the reiki practices they use in their own lives? A Reiki Master who practices Reiki daily for themself, plus offers Reiki as a service to others will be constantly learning and evolving. Meaning they will have greater experience and knowledge to pass on to you. 

4. What are their beliefs around Reiki? 

This will be personal to how you want to learn Reiki. A few practitioners don’t believe in using distance Reiki. Some practitioners don’t believe in teaching certain subjects such as psychic surgery as it is too “woo woo”. Some Reiki teachers may only see Reiki as a healing modality to help people with physical issues. Other Reiki masters might use Reiki alongside their own intuitive/psychic abilities to offer blended services.

The beauty is, there is no right or wrong. But you may want to reflect on what type of teacher you wish to learn with. Maybe a logical science geek. Alternatively, you may want a woo-woo colourful wackball. Or, you’re looking to learn with someone who has learnt from a Japanese Reiki Master to feel closer to the roots of Reiki. Or maybe you want to learn with someone who has adapted Reiki to suit their own needs and uses it alongside channelling galactic beings and ancestral healing. 

5. Will they offer ongoing support?

Ideally, you would look for a teacher who offers ongoing support within reason. Someone who you can email, text or call during the weeks and months following the course to help answer any questions that arise. Some Reiki masters have online groups for students, a WhatsApp group, or maybe even hold in-person Reiki shares for you to practice and meet like-minded people. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I’ve already said it once. But I’m going to say it again. It is okay to ask a shit load of questions. This will really help you get a better understanding if they are the right one for you. I’ve already given loads above to consider. But here are a few, or quite a few more… 

  • Do they teach Reiki in person or at a distance?
  • Will the attunements be done in person or distance?
  • How much does the course cost? 
  • When, where, and what times (some teach it in one day, some split across 2, and some do a full weekend course)
  • What levels of Reiki do they teach?
  • How long have they been practising Reiki? 
  • What is their Reiki Lineage (the line of masters from them being attuned, all the way back to Mikao Usui)
  • What inspired them to become a Reiki Master Teacher?
  • How many students will be in the class?
  • What is the curriculum? What will you learn from this Reiki course?
  • What is their style of teaching, are you allowed to take notes? Or is it oral? Will there be time for practical learning during the class?
  • Will they give you a manual to learn and keep? 
  • Will you receive a certificate upon completion? 
  • Do they incorporate any other modalities or teachings into their course?

Trust the process

Finding a Reiki Master to embark on your journey with Reiki is a very personal journey. So take whatever resonates with you, and leave anything that doesn’t. You might want to know all of this before choosing a teacher. Or you might just want the basics and go with your gut. It is so important to trust the process and really listen to that inner niggle, that intuition of yours. Also, do not be worried that you have to commit to one particular teacher throughout your whole Reiki journey. It is okay to learn at different levels with different teachers. Or to relearn the same level with a different teacher. Every Reiki Master has their own essence and wisdom to impart. That’s a really beautiful thing. 

If you feel I may be the right Reiki Master to teach you. I invite you to check out my journey with Reiki. If you would like to ask me anymore questions send me a message via the contact page. 

Finally, good fucking luck! I am championing you, you sweet, sweet soul! What a fucking exciting.  transformative, expansive journey you have ahead of you!

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