Reiki & I - My souls journey

My love story with Reiki, starts from when I was just a little girl. I didn’t have a fucking clue what Reiki was back then. I wouldn’t even find Reiki until I was 21 years old. But I’ve always been curious and excited and enchanted about all things unknown and the magical since I was a little girl.

Childhood curiosity 

For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated when adults spoke about mystical topics. Whether it be ancient civilizations, tarot cards, aliens or ghosts. It was like these topics stirred a deeper part within me. Making my tummy tingle with excitement. 

Past lives, was a subject my young brain would often ponder. Who were my cats in their past life? Were they famous? Were they a horse? I remember one night looking at my bedroom door; I got very upset that I’d reincarnate into a door in my next life. How boring of a life that would be!

I was born into a line of intuitive spiritual women. My mum and Auntie were blessed with the gift of sensing and seeing spirit. And my nan’s house was always filled with crystals and the discussions of spirits.

When we got our first family computer, I used to wake up early in the morning before my mum needed the landline. And research palmistry and Wiccan spells for hours on end.

During my teenage years, I loved going to the spiritualist church with my family. Watching mediums work with spirits, passing messages to their loved ones. It was fascinating. I never received many readings. But it gave me tingles, knowing there was more in the room than what we could conceive with our limited five senses.

Trying to find where I belonged

I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. It was as if all the jobs and career paths out there were not for me. Story of my life. I am a quirky soul. Let’s be honest I’m a fucking weirdo. Which I embrace now. But I struggled with being “too much” growing up. I always felt like I didn’t fit into places. So, I went on to study Beauty Therapies & Sciences in college in 2010. What a better way to pass college by, then to be massaged! I loved the science aspect of the course but never felt like I fit into the beauty industry. In Aromatherapy, my massage teacher introduced crystals and chakras into one of the classes. I didn’t understand crystals and energy back then, but I fucking loved it; it gave me tingles! I just know i had to look into this further.

I finished college with a double distinction. But I didn’t feel pulled to go into the beauty industry. Instead, I went on to the corporate world. Over the next few years I plodding along in the life cycle of making money and paying the bills. It felt like I was missing something; something just didn’t quite feel right.

My First “Awkening”

In 2014, a childhood friend of mine sent me a video of Alan Watts talking about spiritualism, consciousness, and how we are all connected. My body tingled; my hairs stood on end. It confirmed everything I always thought! There is so much more to life than meets the eye; we are not just human beings. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

I got hooked on researching consciousness, spiritualism, chakras, meditation, metaphysical views, quantum science. Any chance I could get I would read blogs, watch video, find book! I also discovered at this time in my life, that the powers above…. I mean the earthly powers, of governments, media and the hidden puppet masters; were corrupt as fuck. Purposely, creating structures to keep people in poverty and lacking the knowledge of their true powerful natures. So the few could hold the majority of the worlds power & wealth.

I started blog called Spiritual.Chat. Writing about all that I had learned.  With the intention to help awaken others about consciousness. As well as open people eyes to the out dated, repressing stricture in our world that need reforming.  It was a stepping stone from spirit, to teach me about the metaphysical world before Reiki could seek me out.

Reiki found me when I needed it the most.

On June 21st, 2015, I came out of a car traveling at 40mph. It was Father’s Day and also the summer solstice.

I was knocked out for about 10/15 minutes. Woke up and all I could see was blood. Unknown to me, I was bleeding out of my eyes, nose, and ears. The strange thing was, I felt so peaceful. There was no panic, even though there were dozens of people standing around me and I could see the blood pooling on the road.

An air ambulance took me to Bristol Temple Meads. It was the most painful journey of my life. I will always remember the look in paramedics eye. When he said goodbye as he passed me to the wonderful doctors at the hospital – they were filled with sorrow. Which basically told me, “Fuck, I’m going to die.”

It turned out I had suffered multiple skull fractures and my brain was swollen and bleeding… a lot.

Outside the hospital, after my accident. The start of my Reiki journey.

A recovery aided by spirit

I was truly messed up (from the morphine and the injuries). I had to have someone wash me while I was lying down. Wash bowl after wash bowl, filled with bloody water. They left half my head untouched, caked in dry blood. You can sort of see the matted mess on one side of my hair, in the above photo!

A few days later in the hospital, my doctor said to me, “someone must be looking after you up there. The extent of your injuries could have killed you, at the very least you should have gone into a coma.”

But I only blacked out for a short period of time. My memory was fine. And it only took me a few days to walk by myself. It was then I knew I had a purpose on this earth. And that’s why I didn’t die.

Mine & Reiki’s first encounter

So when I got home, I was on a mission to find out what that purpose was. I asked Archangel Raphael if I was a healer. My whole body was washed with this most beautiful comforting feeling. I knew that meant FUCK YES!

So I asked loads of random spiritual people on LinkedIn if they thought I was a healer. One kind Reiki Master replied and said yes. I was here to help heal! This generous man gave me a call, explained to me what Reiki was (I had no idea what it was). He then proceeded to give me a taste of the beautiful Reiki light.

I felt energy rush through me from my root, all the way up my spine. The most powerful feeling I had ever felt. I could literally feel the toxic energy being pushed out of me. It was that powerful, I started shaking to the point I couldn’t drink a glass of water, without chucking half of it over myself!

The stranger didn’t know of my recent injury. For weeks I couldn’t sleep properly. Every time I tried to lay down,  my head would violently. But that night, after Reiki. I laid down in bed, and for the first time since the accident, the room didn’t spin violently. My head was not in agony. I was shocked! it was like fucking magic and that night I fell in love with Reiki.

Reiki found me when I most needed it. And I vowed I’d learn it, give it & teach it.

I never experienced Reiki like this ever again. Neither have I known another person to have such an extreme first time with this beautiful modality. But it was just the way my soul had planned. To make sure I pursued the path of Reiki, and there was no way I could ignore its calling.

Becoming A Reikifyer

After many months of looking for the right teacher for me, I attended a Reiki level 1 course. It was better than I ever thought. I knew this is where I belonged. 

For the next 6 months, I lived and breathed the Reiki practices. Self-healing and repeating the precepts. I would use Reiki on anyone or anything I could get my hands on. In Thailand, I visited an elephant sanctuary and one elephant had an old wound on her foot from a mine. I remember as soon as I started channeling Reiki over her wound, it was like she instantly relaxed, and she let out the most beautiful contented elephant purring sound! It surprised me; I wasn’t expecting this massive majestic creature to feel the relief from Reiki so quickly.

In 2018, I went on to do Reiki level 2 with my original teacher. Which I loved even MORE! I adored the symbols and felt like a magical fairy being able to draw symbols that invoked a different, deeper level of healing and being able to channel healing to people across the world. 

I would apply the power symbol to everything! Each glass of water I drank, the TV, my pets, my car, dinners. Anything! And I would often send distance healing to my mom who lives 100 miles away to help uplift her and navigate her mental illnesses when she was having downers. I would read any books on Reiki or metaphysical/alternative healing at any opportunity I could, which would lead me down other beautiful paths exploring the body’s natural healing ability. I was just in awe of our innate healing potential that everyone has, but many have no idea of!

The Birth Of Head To Soul

In July 2020, I incorporated Head To Soul, with the mission to help people awaken their inner healer and expand their consciousness. But I still wasn’t quite ready to start charging. So in September 2020, I went on to do Reiki Level 3 Masters course, again with my original teacher. It felt like such an accomplishment to finally fulfill my dream. I had committed myself to exploring and mastering the art of Reiki for as long as I breathed on this Earth. After over 3 years I finally felt like I was ready to make Reiki my career path. I had worked on healing myself and integrating with this beautiful energy and now capable of sharing this healing with others outside of my circle.

I began offering Distant Reiki sessions during the Covid-19 lockdown, to paying clients in January 2021. And I fucking LOOOOVEEEEED it! I would never forget the moment and the feeling when the first soul booked a distant Reiki treatment! To this day, I still remind myself of that raw excitement and appreciation.

Growing with my intuition 

My intuition was getting stronger. Sensations and feelings came through to my body which were not mind. To my surprise clients would relate to the messages my body was providing. (I felt like a fucking psychic!) Then, visuals and words started to come through – I felt silly as I wrote them in the Reiki report to my clients, as if i was imagining them. but the clients would always understand the messages even if i did not. 

The one that stood out to me the most was the Chief Native American. I was channelling distance Reiki for a client who had cancer. And in my minds eye this very important native American Chief appeared. “Hair Bear” is what I heard in my mind. In the Reiki report I told my Reiki client he was with her for this journey. To my surprise she googled him and he was an actual Native American Chief and she sent me a photo she found on google and it was him! He joined us often, and was a dream to work with.

Distance Reiki was a beautiful start to my professional path with Reiki, it worked perfectly for me whilst I was in the early years of motherhood. And over time, I honed my skill with incorporating angels, crystals, and oracle cards into my Reiki practice. It became a very beautiful ritual I loved being called to do.

To connect and hold space for dozens of souls around the world in 2021 alongside my full-time job and being a mom to a 1-year-old was an absolute blessing. i felt like the luckiest soul in the world. To this day I still enjoying doing distance Reiki sessions in the Whilst myself and the clients are in the comfort of our own home.

Embodying my dream to spread the gift of reiki

In January 2022, I did another Reiki Master Teacher course with a new soul who I felt called to learn with. It was really beautiful seeing the difference in how people taught and worked with Reiki. It made me learn that Reiki doesn’t have to be done in just one way, and one way only. It’s a beautiful energy modality where you can create your own majestic dance with. Your dance with Reiki could be something completely different from others.

That gave me the confidence to teach Reiki. I am a weird, colourful, wacky soul that does not possess the usual qualities one would often think a teacher should have. And that was absolutely OK! 

I felt an urge within me that there were soul contracts I needed to fulfil in helping others get started on their Reiki Journey. So I spent the next 7 months creating my Reiki Level 1 manual, and had the honour to teach my first group of students virtually when I was 9 months pregnant.

Finally, I did it. The vow I made to myself over 6 years ago had flourished before me! I was so proud of myself and I still am to this day living my dream of sharing Reiki with the world.

Over the next 6 months I  created my Reiki Level 2 manual and taught 2 out of 3 of my original students Reiki Level 2 in February 2023. I loved watching how each student created their own relationship with Reiki. It is truly beautiful watching souls evolve with this transformative energy.

embracing in person treatments

In March 2023, I obtained my first space to hold Reiki treatments in person. Well actually, it sort of fell into my lap. I was quite happy staying in my comfort zone, doing distance treatments. But the universe and Reiki gently nudged me to take the next step. To be fair I was shitting myself, Was I really ready to serve people face to face? It’s so easy to share healing behind a screen. 

The room was a beautiful Japanese style. With the most magical energy and feeling to it. I relearned how to give massages. Started to offer in-person Akashic Healing sessions for the first time, since I learned this healing modality in March, 2022. That was really fucking fun! I absolutely adore guiding people into past life healing. But that’s a topic for another day. This is a love story of Reiki. Anyway. I created a beautiful list of services, involving Reiki, massages, Akashic healing, chakra healing and crystal therapy. 

I loved learning giving Reiki in real face to face life. I found it harder to listen to the sensations in my body at first. But things sometime just got wackier then I was used to. At times the energy in the room would become electrified with the most intense high vibrating  energy. I FUCKING LOVED IT!

Chief Hairy Bears Powerful Chant

This one time, I was giving Reiki to my client with her guide Chief Hairy Bear. As Reiki flowed I stated to hear a chant. It felt like a very healing chant. “Do it,” I heard. Are you fucking serious Hairy Bear, I thought I am not chanting out loud, that’s too uncomfortable. Compromising, I started to hum the chant. “Do it” I heard. Over, and over again. Relentlessly the hum became a chant. Native sounds flower through be and filled the room. The energy built in the room started to slowly amplify. It felt powerful and compressing, yet expanding and light. As it did so did the emotions. It was a powerful release, that I will treasure in my heart to be apart of for the rest of my life. 

Grateful to have held space for so many souls

Over the year I had the pleasure to connect with so many beautiful souls. It fills me with so much love and gratitude, that I have been able to hold a space for so many people to heal. To relax and release. To slow down & sleep. To feel pampered. To hold space for someone, momentarily, where they could connect with themselves, and honour themself in self-loving, healing investment. 

The space where I had my space was within a hidden Gem. It was the on the top floor of a beautiful hidden away members club, in Badbury. The Therapy Floor, had two shower rooms, a sauna, and a changing room with GHDs Straightener & Hair dryer. My clients had access to towelled robes and the sauna after the treatment. There was a space where clients could journal as they sipped on herbal tea, after their treatment. I was in awe nearly every fucking day, to be able to provide souls with this type of experience, as they chose to love themselves.  

Two opposites can be true at one time.

I absolutely, love it when client opens there eyes, and look like they have just come out of a dream world, That is my favourite. Everyone needs to feel like that from time to time. 

On the opposite side, healing is not all sunshine, rainbows and lollypops. Reiki flows like a river, and gently washes away and unblocks repressed emotions and energy. Allowing the body, heart, mind & soul, to process and release them. And people cry. Or they laugh, or feel momentarily angry. Might sound crazy, But I honestly, feel so much love and gratitude when they do. To be able to hold a space for people to feel safe and held, allowing them to release. there is something really beautiful in that. 

The calling to teach more

Over the past year, my energy has been focused on in-person treatments, being a mom of 2 beautiful under fives, and working as a financial controller for my another business. I didn’t really like I had the capacity to hold another Reiki class during this time. My friend, and previous Reiki level 1 student, reach out to to learn Reiki Level 2. We did it in person. The high off passing this beautiful healing modality to another person is fucking amazing. I knew I needed to teach more people. 

Reiki has been whispering in my ear once more. Tbf, I do feel well and truly ready to teach Reiki again. (Well, apart from the worrier part of me. You know the one… “Are you sure your ready babe?”, “are we really good enough for this?” You know that part, trying to safe from any form of discomfort) But you know what, I have soul fucking contracts! I promised to help people embark on their Reiki journey before we even came into these meat suits, and I gonna fucking do just that. 

Back to topic… I am here as a vessels for Reiki. Part of my soul mission is to spread this Reiki modality far and wide. World wide. Its so enchanting and humbling, knowing when I pass Reiki onto students, they can go on to share Reiki with others and so forth. Like a web of light, compound and spreading through the world. Until I am out of a job a every single soul on this planet have access to this beautiful healing energy. Now would that be a fucking beautiful world!

Discovering The Spirit Of Head To Soul

The universe is once again pushing me out of my comfort zone. The space I have been absolutely lucky to have occupied over the past year is now being repurposed. I really struggled with this news. WTF do I do now? Yes, I could find another space, but something just doesn’t feel right about that. 

My mission of setting up this business has always been to help people awaken their inner healer and expand their consciousness. I’ve been given many visions of holding healing retreats across the world where 100s of people come to. (I’m getting tingles all over my body writing this part) But seriously spirit, how the fuck am I going to achieve that!

But one thing I’ve learned recently is that this business, Head To Soul, is a creation of the universe. The Divine has been showing me resources and signs that I am not the controller of Head To Soul.  She is her own spirit and has her own guardian angel. Head to Soul is a creation of the universe and she’ll guide me every step of the way; – So we can  touch the soul’s we were born to touch.

A new calling to evolve

Now, she believes I’m ready for the next part of my journey. To hold heart-led space for groups of people, to teach and empower. To learn how to bring a supportive healing community of people together. Building healing tribal space. Where so souls can come together to love. heal & release. When you have a bunch of humans in one space healing and growing – that shit creates a huge energetic healing bomb radiating out higher frequencies to the world. So my journey with Reiki and healing continues. I am here as a vessel for love and healing in this world.

I trust the universe. I trust the spirit of Head To Soul and flow with her. I am now on the evolution to teach Reiki regularly, to start holding women’s circles, and doing workshops of all things magical, crystals, angels, the energy body. It’s fucking exciting. There is so much more to explore. I am filled with curiosity for cacao, sound healing, ancestors, womb healing. The beauty of this path, the more I learn, the more I want to learn, and understand how much I don’t know.

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