It is imperative to cleanse and balance the chakras. Especially if you are a sensitive person! Blocked chakras can affect your thoughts, attitude, emotions and even your physical health. So it’s important to know how to cleanse and balance your energy processors. Below I have listed three brilliant, super, easy visualisations you can use during your busy day to day life. You can use these techniques whilst walking, showering, or meditating.

Before starting the visualisation, take three deep breathes.

Focus on the motion of the cool air entering your nose, and the warm air leaving your body.

You are now ready to cleanse and balance the chakras.

Chakra Waterfall

This is fantastic to do whilst in the shower in the morning for a great start to the day. Or at night to release any stress and worry you have harboured throughout the day.

Imagine you are standing under a waterfall of beautiful purple glistening water, cleansing and balancing the crown chakra. Imagine grey or black energy flowing away from you, going down the plughole as the negative energy that no longer serves you is washed away.

If you are not showering then imagine the negative energy being absorbed into the ground to be recycled by the universe into positive loving energy.

Once you have finished balancing the crown chakra, visualise the waterfall turn into beautiful glistening indigo to cleanse the third eye chakra, then blue for the throat chakra and so on until you have visualised being cleansed under the healing waterfall for every chakra colour.

Chakra Doors

This technique is great to do on your way out of work, to release any negative energy you have picked up from a hard day’s work. Or visa throughout, to leave any issues at home before going to work.

You may also find this helpful after leaving a place that has lowered a vibration, such as a friend who may be a slight energy vampire or a shopping centre… be creative!

This visualisation is best done when walking. As you walk, imagine you are walking through 7 colourful doors that represent the chakras with the intention to cleanse and balance the chakras.

Like the previous technique, a purple door for the crown chakra. Indigo door for the brow chakra, a blue door for the throat chakra. Green door for the heart chakra. Yellow for the solar plexus chakra. Orange for the sacral chakra. And finally red for the root chakra.

Chakra Rain

Like the previous visualisation, this one is really easy to do whilst walking. I like to do this one whilst I’m walking my gorgeous doggy whenever I feel unbalanced or unsettled.

Imagine you have a plush white cloud above your head raining the colours of the chakras over your physical and energetic body. Washing away any energy that no longer serves you to balance the chakras.

Like the chakra waterfall, imagine the negative energy being absorbed by the earth to be recycled into loving light energy. I start with violet rain and go through all 7 chakras finishing with red for the root chakra.

Share with us your techniques and experiences!

So there you go! Three super quick easy visualisations you can use to cleanse and balance the chakras. If you have found the above techniques have made a positive impact on you, then please share your experience with us in the comments below. It’s great for others to read the impact chakra cleansing and balancing can have physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If you have a different visualisation you use to balance your energy system then please share your technique in the comments below to help others! One size doesn’t fit all, so they say.

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