Blocked Chakras can Damage your Health.

Blocked chakras are caused by the build-up of stagnant energy in the energy system.

We absorb and give energy to nearly everything that surrounds us! thoughts, emotions, words, sounds, nature, weather. The list goes on! Some people more than others, like empaths!

All the vibrations we encounter are processed through these beautiful colourful energy points we have throughout our energy body called chakras.

Our energy system is affected by everything that happens. Good or bad. And the energy body is directly interconnected with the physical body.

Which means…

Dun dun daaaa…

The physical body is affected by words, thoughts, and emotion.

As you probably guessed good emotions, such as love, happiness and compassion boost our energy system, making it balanced and glowing.

We are confident, content and ready to conquer life with love and passion.

When you are going to see someone you love, especially at the beginning of a relationship. You have butterflies going crazy in your tummy.

Its because your sacral chakra, which deals with relationships, sensations, and pleasure, is bursting with bright sparkling orange energy.

Whereas negative emotions, words, and thoughts can have a destructive effect on our energy system. We tend to become tired, irritable and suffer from aches and pains.

When you lose someone you love, and your heart feels broken. It because your heart chakra has actually been damaged to some extent because of the loss and intense emotions.

Now, look how thoughts affect the structure of ice. If our thought effect ice thinks of what it can do to our body! 60% of you is water!!

You can find out more about the water formations here.

Luckily for us!

We can cleanse our energy system throughout the day. Filling it up with positive emotions. Such love, kindness, and gratitude.

Listening to great music, or having a shower with the intention to clean your energy body.

However long-term negativity, major traumas, or stressful events can cause blocked chakras as our energy body builds up stagnant energy.

Which can further go onto the chakras becoming partially blocked or even damaged. This when our bodies being to suffer.

We lose our buzzing force, as we get weighed down from all of the energy that no longer serves us. Illnesses can start to manifest. Mental and physical.

So if your body or mind state has been suffering from discomfort, imbalance, or an illness, You may want to look into chakra Healing.

If you’re lacking energy, down in the dumps or feeling aches and pains. You may want to go onto YouTube and do a guided meditation for chakra cleansing with crystals. Or go for a chakra massage.

If you suffering a more serious illness or want to ease a lifelong condition. Look up a local reputable professional holistic therapist such as a Reiki practitioner, which will go hand in hand with your medical treatment. Or maybe have some acupuncture?

There are a number of ways you can protect yourself from absorbing negative energies from people around you and the general environment. You can even protect other people from being affected by your bad vibes when you just can’t shift a shit mood! I will do a quick blog on this for you sooon!!

But for now here are 3 quick and easy visualisations that will cleanse and balance the chakras when you are feeling bogged down from unwanted energy.


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