learn Reiki level 1

1 Day Course
Saturday, 20th April
9:30am - 5pm BST
Elkstone Studios


If so, come and join me as you embark on your transformational Reiki exploration. Reiki is one of the most rewarding and expansive gifts. In these classes you will acquire the  ability to channel Reiki and learn many tools you can you can use on yourself or share with others to heal, release and grow.

Do you feel called to heal others?

Do you feel like you have a higher purpose to serve?

Would you love to have to heal yourself, your family and friends

Are you a therapist, doula, coach or a medical that would love to expand your services to help others?

If YES, then Reiki may just be the perfect starting point for you. It’s no accident you are being called to look at this empowering healing modality. 


  • Perform a Reiki treatment on yourself and others
  • Analyse and balance the chakras
  • How to feel energy & see auras
  • Channel Reiki to Children, animals & nature
  • Perform a Byosen body scan
  • Heal personal problems & how to manifest your goals using Reiki
  • And much more!

There are 3 levels to the Usui Reiki Healing system. 

This is Reiki Level 1, also known as First Degree, or Shoden. Level I is perfect if you are a beginner or just need a refresher. 

In this level your healing channel will be opened, and your energy will be attuned to come into harmony with the very unique vibration of Reiki.

You will be taught practical methods on how to use Reiki on yourself, friends, family, animals, children, nature and goals! With plenty of hands on practicing on the day. You’ll finish feeling confident to use Reiki magic in your every day life!

I will also be sharing with you techniques from other healing modalities to amplify the power of your healing practice.  


For self healing, growth, & spiritual development

To become a Reiki Practitioner & share healing with the world.

To offer healing to friends, family, pets and plants.


  • Energy & its relationship to the body
  • The history of Reiki
  • What Reiki is
  • The benefits of Reiki
  • About the chakras, nadis and aura. 
  • The energetic body’s relationship to physical health
  • Metaphysical reason to body ailments
  • How Reiki works
  • The Reiki Principles
  • The attunement process
  • How to perform Reiki treatments on yourself and others
  • Contra-indications, contra-actions and aftercare
  • Grounding, protection & cleansing
  • How to give Reiki to plants, animals, personal & world problems & more!
  • How to incorporate additional healing modalities such a crystals, violet flame & cord cutting!

Do you want to start your journey with Reiki?
3 month payment plan available through Klarna.


Absolutely not! Reiki level 1 is for anyone. Whether you know know a little bit about the energy body and Reiki, or you are completely new to the invisible wonderful world around us.

Once you have completed this course you will not be able to charge clients for Reiki. The core of Reiki is to heal and grow yourself, before others.

Reiki level 1 is a transformative journey that focuses on self-healing and become acquainted to the beautiful healing energy.

During this phase, you’ll cultivate your healing abilities and refine your practice by working on yourself and offering Reiki to friends and family for a at least three months. This period is essential for clearing your healing channel and nurturing your skills.

Following this foundational stage, you can progress to Reiki Level 2, where you will qualified to provide Reiki professionally. The second level equips you with 3 Reiki symbols to help you heal at a deeper level and gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to offer Reiki sessions to clients with confidence.

Yes you can. You can pay with Klarna and spread the cost across 3 months.

This course will be held in the beautiful setting of the Meadow Room, at Elkstone Studios, Elkstone GL53 9PQ. A 25 minute drive from Swindon

There will be refreshments and nibbles for us all to enjoy on the day. You will need to bring your own lunch. 

I thought you’d never ask! I am Lauren, A Reiki Master & Teacher. You can find out all about me and my journey with Reiki in my blog – Reiki & I – My Souls Journey.

I am also an Akashic Healer & Massage therapist. 



That’s is completely up to you to decide. I urge you to look at many different Reiki teachers, before deciding who to learn with. There is a teacher out there for everyone. 

Check out my blog on Finding the right reiki Master for you. 

I am not your typical teacher. I am… let’s say… A colourful and very quirky soul. I swear A LOT. I am neuro-spicy,  So I can get very excited and go completely off topic.

One thing, I can guarantee, is my student’s will always have a good laugh. Which is healing within itself. I want to hold a space where everyone can be their unique selves unapologetically! We don’t need to wear any masks, that shit is hard work!

Once you have signed up to learn Reiki Level 1, you will receive an email with your Reiki bible. This is a 68 page manual for you to explore  all the magic of Reiki before the course. 

It will cover everything, from the history of Reiki to the hand positions, and what to expect from the Reiki attunements. You will fucking love it! 

Closer to the day, you will receive another email with all the information you need to prepare for the big day. The day you become a channel for Reiki. The most beautiful, healing energy.

On the day you will receive 3 attunements. These are like spiritual imitations that attunes your energy to come into harmony with the very unique vibration of Reiki. This reactivates the permanent spiritual channel within your energy field which allows Reiki to flow you. 

Following the course you will receive a certificate and on going support.

Yes there is my love! I’ve taught students in California, Scotland & Ireland.There are two options for you. 

Online E-course – £77

This course is fully online, making this a sexy arse low price! So you can learn at your own pace. When you are half way through the course, just send me a message to book your 3 distant attainments. You will have my support via email, instagram or WhatsApp. 

Live Virtual Group Course

This is perfect for you, if you would like to learn with me in “virtual” person. The course is 8 hours and will take place over Google Meet. Where you’ll have the space to ask lots of question and have my guidance as you practice Reiki techniques on the day. If this learning style feels right for you, add your name to the waitlist!

Are you ready to answer the calling to channel Reiki?

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