So what do I mean when I say “energy”? If you have read my other blogs you will see I speak about “energy” quite a lot! “How to cleanse your energy”, “how to protect yourself from others energy” and so on, so forth. Thus, I thought I would be kind enough and explain to you what it is I mean when I say “energy”.

When I say energy, I’m talking about conscious energy, you asxz  may also know it to be called the following;

Origin Word for “Energy”
Western World Universal Life Force
Japanese Ki (Pronounced key)
Chinese Qi (Pronounced Chee)
Sanskrit Prana

“Energy” is absolutely everything there is! The device your reading this blog on, the clothes you’re wearing. You, you are this “energy.” Okay, I may have got you a little bit confused. Let’s get to the basics with science.

A Little Bit Of Science

Many of you may already know that atoms are the building blocks of life as we know it. Atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles such as neutrons, protons and electrons, which can be made up of even smaller particles such as quarks.

But between all of the sub-atomic particles, atoms are 99.99% empty space. So, what is this space you ask? Well, it’s not empty space at all it is dark matter and dark energy.

If Everything is Energy, How Come We Don’t Live in A Vibrating World.

Well, we do live in a vibrating world. Those who have opened their third eye can see the vibrations of inanimate objects. But most of us humans have only the 5 main senses to rely on. These 5 senses make us perceive the world around us in a very simple limited light. Instead of seeing a coffee table as millions of vibrating atoms, we see a solid table.

“The physical world is wiggly. Clouds, mountains, trees, people, are all wiggly. Only when human beings get to working on things-they build buildings in straight lines & try to make out that the world isn’t really wiggly. But here we are, sitting in this room all built out of straight lines, but each one of us is as wiggly as all get-out.” 

Alan Watts

What we see and feel is low vibrating, dense energy, As my fingers tap away on this keyboard, I can feel the keys. This is because my dense energy is rubbing against the dense energy of the laptop causing friction. Thus, my brain processes this feeling as though I’m touching something truly solid.

Then there is the high vibrating energy, which most of us cannot perceive unless we have a “sixth sense”. The empty space between the sub-atomic particles is in fact not so empty. High vibrational energy fills up the space!

So far science has only observed and explained 5% of the energy that makes up the universe. The other 95% is dark matter and dark energy. The reason why it is called “dark” is that it cannot be observed through science yet.

But don’t worry lovely reader! Wonderful new minds are being born every second with new ideas. Sciences such as quantum physics are evolving and recognise there is a lot more to be explained when it comes to energy… The basic building blocks of the universe we live in.

I truly believe we will get round to understanding the energy we cannot see. If you went back 150 years and told someone they would be able to fly across the world in a metal bird in the near future they would think you were crazy. Even more so if you tried explaining mobile phones!

After all, the ancient civilisations understood how to cultivate and use the invisible energy during the golden age. But I will save that story for another day…

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