We All Have Our Own Healing Ability

Yes, you read it, we all have our own ability to heal ourselves. All the medicine that we receive, whether it be a conventional pill or operation, holistic healing such as Reiki, aromather apy or acupuncture; can only boost our own bodies’ ability to heal itself

It’s already known that our physical bodies are great at healing themselves. Our bodies constantly remove damaged cells and replace them with new healthy ones through cell division. With 98% of our bodies being replaced each year! However, stress, bad habits, and extremely negative experiences can affect our bodies healing system.

Our bodies are continually creating altered pre-cancerous cells. But many of our bodies when healthy have the ability to remove the cells in early stages of development. Nonetheless, some people’s immune systems do not have the strength to remove the growth due to it being weakened.

Possibly by a stressful, emotional event. Or due to the body not being balanced with the right nourishment. Or because they were fighting off another disease, infection or illness at that time. There are many factors that could have weakened our own ability to fight off the growth.

Here is an interesting page of peoples’ testimonials about their mind over medicine experiences with cancer.

This is why it is extremely beneficial to utilise holistic healing alongside your GPs medical practices. Even if the illness or a previous illness has left lifelong changes. To really build your bodies healing ability back up to full strength, you need to work at every level of you. As the reason for the illness could be very complex and be caused by a multi-level disturbance.


This may seem very out there for some of you. But many studies suggest our emotions and thoughts have a great impact on our health and our own healing ability.

In the 1980s a study was undertaken by the Institute of HeartMath. The study focused on two groups. One was told to think of things that made them frustrated or angry for 5 minutes every morning. The other group were asked to think of things that made them feel love and compassion.

The results showed the group that focused on negative thoughts and emotions had a negative effect for numerous hours of the immune system. With a decrease in an important piece of the immune system which was their IgA element. Whereas, the group that focused on positive emotions and thoughts, had an increase in IgA. Which also lasted for numerous hours.

In 2002 J.B Moseley and his associates carried out a randomised controlled study. They trialled the “placebo effect” on patients that were awaiting arthroscopic surgery for arthritis of the knee. One group of patients received the actual surgery. However, the other group just receive skin incisions, to make it appear they had the surgery although they didn’t.

Over the course of the next two years, both patients from the placebo group and the group that actually received the operation had the same effects. In regards to the function of the knee and the reduction of pain. This shows that our thoughts and emotions do actually have a great effect on our health, and our ability to get better.  If we believe we are better, our bodies work harder and make its-self better according to Dr. D Hamilton, a former pharmaceutical research scientist.

To understand why our emotions and thoughts have such a great effect on our health. You have to understand the mind-blowing, slightly scary metaphysics model backed up by quantum physics.

The Metaphysics Model

Quantum physics holds the understanding that everything that exists is made of conscious energy. When you look past an atom, the protons, electrons and neutrons, and quark, all that left is dark energy/matter! (It’s called dark because science can not observe the energy, only its effects)

Every object you can see and feel, the air you breathe, the food you eat, even you! Is made up of energy vibrating at different slow frequencies, which make the energy dense enough for us to take in with our senses. However, a lot of energy is vibrating at a higher level so many of us cannot see it. Such as the air and our own auras.

This view is very exciting, yet a little scary. As it means that everything that there is and everything that happens is created from our inventive consciousness. The universe, all that there is!

So, we have control over our own lives. Which makes sense if you think of the results of the previous studies I have discussed. Positive words, emotions, and thoughts attract positive experiences and accelerate our bodies healing ability.

Vice versa with negative words, emotions, and thoughts.  However, it may be very hard for someone of us to digest as it means it is ourselves that creates all the good and bad situations in our own lives and to our own health.

Complimentary Therapies

This is why it’s very beneficial for us to utilise alternative forms of medicine and healing such as Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage Therapy and so much more! The wonderful thing about “Wholistic” healing, is that the healing focuses, on the whole you! Healing you at every level! Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Helping to accelerate your rate of healing, or deal with the complex issues that are causing the illness or infection to continually return. Or these alternative forms of healing may help you accept you lifelong disease or illness. And think of it in a new calmer light with a greater sense of peace. However, these alternative forms of healing do not cure you but do go perfectly in hand with your doctor’s medical plan for you.

The treatments themselves do not ‘cure’ the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability.” – Leon Chaitow

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