5 Ways Essential Oils Can Help You

Essential oils healing abilities have been utilized by many cultures around the world since accident times. Historians have found the holistic oils being used by Egyptians since 4500bc. They believed these oils was crucial to be one with god, so only priests and pharaohs had access to aromatic oils. Because these oils were so cherished by the Egyptians, they devoted particular aromas to each god and daubed their statues with them.

In China, around 2700-2600bc, the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti wrote a book about internal medicines, which is still used by eastern medicine practitioners today. It stated the valuable medicinal purposes of essential oils.

Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient holistic healing system utilised for the past 3000 years in India to balance the mind, body, and soul, also benefited from blending essential oils into their nursing remedies. The healing elements of these oils proved successful when antibiotics failed to heal bubonic plague back in the late 1800s.

The list goes on and on to ancient Greece, Persia, even the Romans and European Knights. So to share the knowledge of these wonderful holistic oils a number of essential oils that can help to relieve 5 common issues.

To relieves pain within muscles, fibrous tissue and joints (such as arthritis)

• Chamomile
• Cypress
• Eucalyptus
• Garlic
• Juniper
• Lemon
• Lavender
• Pine
• Sage
• Thyme

To Uplift and alleviate depression

• Basil
• Bergamont
• Clary Sage
• Geranium
• Grapefruit
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Orange
• Patchouli
• Rosemary

To increases energy and boost adrenaline

• Anise-star
• Bay
• Coriander
• Cumin
• Fennel
• Hyssop
• Niaouli
• Peppermint
• Spearmint
• Thyme

To elevates Sexual Desire

• Aniseed
• Black Pepper
• Cinnamon
• Clove
• Ginger
• Nutmeg
• Parsley
• Rosewood
• Sandalwood
• Ylang Ylang

To soothe gastric disorders

• Angelica
• Black Pepper
• Cardamom
• Dill
• Ginger
• Lemon
• Melissa
• Origanum
• Rose
• Tangerine

To know which oils will best suit you and help boost your own body’s natural healing system, it a good idea to smell each oil. The ones that smell the nicest or really pulls your attention, are the oils to use! The method to use to ‘depends on what you are using the essential oils for. If it’s to lift your mood inhalation is the quickest way to get the benefits.


• Steam inhalation: Add 2-3 drops of oils into a bowl of boiling hot water. (You can mix 2 oils together by adding 1 to 2 drops each.) Cover your head with a towel, lean over the bowl, close your eyes and breathe through your nose for 5-10 minutes.
• Diffusion: add a few drops of the oils to a ball of cotton and wedge into the car air vents. Or add a few drops to an air diffuser device if you have one!
• Spray: Fill a spray bottle up with water and add about 10 drops in total of the oil(s) and shake well. Spray around the house and onto the furniture to help lift your mood or sexual desire.
You can also use topical application of these oils to help lift your mood and soothe physical issues.

Topical Application.

• Massage: Add drops 3 drops of oils to each 5cc of carrier cream or oil being used. And massage the substance to the area of discomfort. You can ask a friend or the other half to give you’re a full body massage, as the surface area will be larger you can 1 drop of oil to every 1cc of the carrier used. Please never directly apply the oils to your skin as many may cause a reaction and avoid using these oils on wounded or damaged skin without consulting a GP or a highly accredited aromatherapy expert.
• Bath: Add 10 drops in total of your desired oils when you run your next bath, and mix them in well. The oils will soak into your skin benefiting physical issues such as gastric disorders and relieve tension and pain in the body, as well as uplift your mood through inhalation. You can also add essential oils to homemade bath salts.
• Moisturiser: Using the 3:5 ratio add aromatic oils to your regular face or body moisturizer bottle. For regular benefits. Please avoid using these oils around the area of your eyes and inner ears.
• Compress: Mix hot or cold water/carrier oil with a few drops of water and apply to a cloth and place over the area you wish to relieve and sooth. Please avoid placing the compress over your eyes.

For more information on how certain essential oils can benefit your mind, body and spirit please visit here.

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