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summer solstice & capricorn full Moon
Ritual Pack

A ritual pack may be the perfect thing for you if you cannot attend a Divine Circle. In this pack you will receive guidance on how to harness the magical guidance from this moon and the sign that it is currently in. All from the comfort of your own home. You will exploring some of the elements we will work though in Divine Circle.

The Capricorn Full Moon is on Saturday 22nd June at 02:07 BST. Sitting closely with the Summer Solstice on Friday 21st June. You don’t have to do this ritual on the day of the full moon or Summer Solstice. The full moon energy is here for a few days before and after., however, the closer to the new moon, the more powerful!!

The Theme for this moon ritual

Capricorn is here to bring us back down to earth and out of our heads after the Gemini airy energy. Capricorn is an ambitious and motivated sign that loves structure and practicality. He is here to help us make bold steps to climbing our mountain of dreams.  The Full moon is here to help us release what is holding us back from climbing our mountain of ambitious dreams. 

Summer Solstice is a time of celebration. Celebrating the earth, the sun, our life and all that has happened in the first half of the year. In this moon pack you will be celebrating the summer solstice. And reviewing what you need to be released, with the practical energy of the Capricorn to move through the doorway into the second half of the year.

The ritual pack is for you if you cannot attend a Divine Circle, or simply like to do self-exploration in the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to experience elements of the Divine Circle in your own sacred space.

What's Including In This Ritual Pack

  • Guided meditation to connect to the spirit and wisdom of The Oak King and Capricorn
  • Guidance on celebrating the year so far. 
  • Journaling to unearth what needs to be released before moving through the solstice portal.
  • Practical Love-To-Do list inspired by the structured Capricorn
  • Guided meditation, fueling our solar plexus with the expansive, confidence-boosting energy of the Sun
  • Recommended crystals to work with alongside the Summer Solstice & Capricorn Full Moon,


Divine Circles are a scared gathering of women to be seen, heard, and held in a nurturing space as  we reconnect to ourselves through self exploration, sacred rituals, and healing, in alignment with the moon’s energy. 

I offer Divine Circles in-person in Swindon. As well as online, so women far and wide can connect with one another as their connect back to their heart, mind and body. 

Moon Ritual Packs are for those who cannot attend a Divine Circle. Or, simply wish to explore their depths in their own company and space. These are created with some of the guided meditations, rituals and journal prompts that are being used within the Divine Circles. So no one misses out on the magic. 

Divine Circles are a powerful way to work with the moon as women gather together to amplify the transformational energies. While the Moon Ritual Packs provides you with tools for personal exploration and growth, joining a Divine Circle takes the experience to a deeper level.

In a Divine Circle, you’ll have the opportunity to journey alongside other women, creating a sacred container of support, understanding, and collective wisdom. There is profound power in coming together as a circle of like-minded women, sharing our experiences, and holding space for one another’s growth.

When women gather in this way, something magical happens – our individual energies intertwine, creating a potent vortex of feminine power that radiates outward, impacting the world around us. You’ll find comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your journey, that others can relate to the ebbs and flows you experience with the moon’s cycles.

Together, you’ll engage in self-exploration, healing rituals, and practices that reconnect you to your intuition and inner guidance. The synergy of the group amplifies these processes, providing a supportive and nurturing environment for profound embodiment and transformation to occur.

Ultimately, joining a Divine Circle allows you to tap into the ancient wisdom of women’s circles, fostering a deeper sense of belonging, sisterhood, and personal empowerment. It is a sacred space where you can be truly seen, heard, and held, while simultaneously contributing to the collective healing and evolution of all. . Together, we rise, we love, and we transform.

I offer Divine Circles in-person in Swindon. As well as online, so women far and wide can connect with another as their connect back to their heart, mind and body. 

Moon Ritual Packs are for those who cannot attend a Divine Circle. Or, simply wish to explore their depths in their own company and space. These are created with the guided meditations, rituals and journal prompts that being used within the Divine Circles. So no one misses out on the magic. 

To get the most out of your moon ritual packs, we recommend working with them every fortnight, in sync with the new and full moon cycles. Each lunar phase carries its own unique energy, and the rituals in your pack are designed to help you flow with these cycles, guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and expansion.

The moon itself is a representation of the divine feminine energy – cyclical, intuitive, and deeply connected to the rhythms of life. By attuning yourself to the moon’s phases through these ritual packs, you’ll be guided inward, into the depths of your own inner wisdom and intuition.

During the new moon phase, you’ll have the opportunity to set intentions, plant seeds of desire, and envision the changes you wish to manifest. The full moon, on the other hand, is a time of release, letting go of what no longer serves you, and basking in the radiant energy of completion and fulfillment.

As you engage with the guided meditations, journal prompts, and sacred rituals, you’ll find yourself becoming more attuned to the subtle shifts within your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll gain clarity on what needs healing or release, what aspects of your life require transformation, and what new opportunities await as you invite abundance into your world.

Remember, this is a cyclical journey, echoing the never-ending dance of the moon itself. Embrace the ebbs and flows, the moments of introspection and the phases of outward expression. By honoring the lunar cycles with these ritual packs, you’ll develop a deeper connection to your authentic self, cultivating a sense of inner peace, balance, and profound personal growth.

Each Moon Ritual Pack revolves around a theme related to the current moon phase, incorporating guided meditations, rituals, journaling, sacred sharing and heart-centered practices that are being practiced within Divine Circles. 

You can expect…

  • Suggestions on what crystals to work with
  • Guided meditations
  • Journal prompts
  • Sacred rituals uniquely designed to help you work with the specific lunar phase.

Yes you will! You will need to bring…

  • Journal & Pen
  • Somewhere quiet to sit where you won’t be disturbed. 
  • A blanket if you like to be snuggly & warm.
  • A glass of water and a warm drink if you’d like
  • An open heart and mind.

Each Moon Ritual Pack will be focused around different theme. Once you have purchased the pack you will receive a list for what you will need for you own Moon Ritual.  You may need extra items for some of the moons depending on the practices. 

You will benefit from this Moon Ritual Pack most if you find a space within your house where you will not be disturbed. This is an opportunity for you to really tune into yourself so you make wish to set the ambience for sacred rituals. You can cleanse the energy in the room by opening the window for a little while, or burning incense. You may wish to soften the lighting with a lamp, fairy lights or candles. Do what ever you wish to make this a magical place for you!

Moon Ritual Packs £5

Virtual Divine Circles where women all over gather online are £15

Divine Circles held in person in Swindon are £22

A women’s circle is a sacred gathering of women coming together to share, heal, and grow along side one another. It’s a space where every woman is honoured, celebrated, and supported on her journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Divine Circle is a sharing circle, so women share what came up for them during the rituals, meditations or journalling as this can help integrate the energy and the work that’s just been done. However, everything we do in the circle is an invitation only, so you don’t have to share or even do a particular ritual if you don’t feel comfortable.

Women hold a huge part in the healing and transition of earth. Women have been demonised & controlled for so long that the planet and humanity has suffered. In coming together and connecting we invite back our intuition & our true power, which will make the world a more softer, connected, nurturing planet world. 

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