To call upon angels is so much easier then you think.Angel Blog Feature I call upon angels every day. I ask archangel Raphael to help me with Reiki on nearly a daily basis. I often call upon specialist angels such as fitness angels to help me stay motivated and keep to an exercise routine or abundance angels to me stay positive.

Anything I would like support or guidance on, I call upon the wonderful being of light for help. They love to help us humans along our journey on the earth plane, but they can not interfere with our free will without our permission. So don’t ever feel like you are bothering them too much, because trust me, you are not. They are happy you have asked!

Here are 3 super easy ways to call upon angels.

Use That Voice Of Yours

Yep, it is that simple! You can ask the angels out loud. I often talk to my angels out loud if I am at home or in the car. There really is no need to over-complicate how to communicate with these divine beings.

The Power Of Thoughts

This is the most common method I use so I don’t look like a crazy lady in public when I’m asking Archangel Michael to protect me from any negative energies when I’m at a busy place. All you do is ask using that little voice in your head. Angels usually know what you’re going to ask before you even make the request, they amazing beings like that.

Visualisation Works Too

If you love to use visualisation, then get creative and visualise. Imagine the angel(s) you require help from are standing by your side. Or archangel Michael has his wings wrapped around you for protection. Visualisation is a very powerful tool and the angels will know what you’re asking for.

Remember to Listen

Countless angels are waiting for you to call upon them for help! Did you know you know you can even call upon specialist angels? So use one of the above methods to get the guidance you need. You must remember to listen. Angels can answer through your intuition or planting thoughts in your mind. Or even by leaving a sign such as a penny or a feather lying around in an unusual place. Be open to their response, it may not always be what you expect. But trust your angels and go with the flow, after all, they know what is for the greatest good. Finally, always thank the angels.

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