12 Types Of Specialist Angels

Angels are always at the ready to step in and help you. But they cannot interfere with your free will so you need to ask them for guidance. You can do this by asking your guardian angel or you can call upon specialist angels to help you with matters they are best at.

Here are 12 different groups of specialist angels you can call upon.

Abundance Angels

These angels are best to call upon if you are looking for financial abundance. They can help you get the extra overtime you need, or help you make the right moves to get that promotion you have your eyes set on. If you keep on finding pennies lying around, that will be the abundance angels showing you they have heard you and they are helping. If you need guidance with financial decisions, call upon the angels of abundance.

Beauty Angels

You are beautiful, and if you’re struggling to see that, call upon the beauty angels to help you realise how gorgeous you are. They can help you feel more attractive by guiding you to a great beautician or hairdresser. Can’t decide what to wear? Then ask the angels to help you, they’ll help you get the perfect look for any occasion. The head angel of beauty is archangel Jophiel.

Family Angels

Anything family related you need help with, these angels can assist you. Whether that’s to do with conception, adoption or adjusting to motherhood with a newborn. These angels can help you with parental decisions you need to make. You can ask them to protect your family and home and help bring about peace when family members cannot see eye to eye. The head of family angels is archangel Gabriel and Metatron.

Fitness Angels

These specialist angels can help keep you motivated to get that healthy body you desire. Call upon these angels to help you stick to a healthy balanced diet and help beat cravings. They will guide you to the right personal trainer, gym or fitness app you need to get into shape and help keep you focused. I have never been one to exercise or diet, but after having put on 4 stone during my pregnancy I asked the fitness angels to help me get fit after having my baby earlier this year. I have managed to stay focused on exercising and eating healthy for the past 3 months and have lost 3 stone.

Healing Angels

Being a Reiki therapist I call upon these wonderful angels all the time to help me with my healing energy work, to help strengthen the flow of Reiki. If your profession is based around healing you too can call upon healing angels to help. These beings of light and love can also help you release negative energies that are not serving you, and help clear energy blockages that may be causing physical illness. They can help guide you to the best professional or treatment for you and ease any worries about health. The head of healing is archangel Raphael.

Moving Angels

These angels help with… you guessed it! Moving. If you are moving home call upon these loving beings to help make the move, as simple and stress-free as possible. They will help you rent out or sell your old property or help you find the right financial agreement for the new place.

Nature Angels

These magnificent angels are also known as fairies and help with all things nature. Have you ever been out walking and had the urge to pick up the rubbish lying about? That is the nature angels speaking to you. They protect the earth and animals. If you want to cut meat, fish or dairy out of your diet, call upon the nature angels for motivation and guidance. They will assist you with gardening and what to do to create a better world for nature.

Parking and Driving Angels

I always call upon the Parking Angels before leaving my house to keep a space free for me that I can easily get my daughter in and out of the car seat. They have not failed me yet! You can ask these angels to keep you and your passengers safe on your journey. Or if you feeling a bit nervous about finding the destination, ask these wonderful beings to help guide you and get there on time. Got a driving test? Call upon these wonderful beings to help you stay focused and calm.

Prayer Angels

Call upon the beautiful prayer angels if you want to make prayer more powerful. For example, when you praying for peace for the world or a loved one to heal, call upon the prayer angels to join you. Whenever you meditate or prayer you can trust there is an angel there ready to join you. You can ask these angels to help you block out distractions and stay within the moment. Or help you to listen and hear the answers to your prayers. The head angel of prayer is archangel Selaphiel. 

Romance Angels

These loving beings can help prepare you to meet your soul mate. Or feel more confident to get into the dating world. If you already have a partner and you are going through a rough patch ask these angels to help you get through it and resolve any issues. They can help you rekindle the fire and add passion back into the bedroom.

Teacher Angels

If you are learning something new such as driving, cooking or maybe a new language ask for a teacher angel to assist you. These angels help you stay focused and motivated and can block out distractions. Ask for Teacher angels to help you stay calm and concentrate on exams. You can also ask for them to teach you happiness or being mindful. Anything you want to learn? Give these specialist angels a shout.

Warrior Angels

Need protection? Call upon the warrior angels to shield you, your home, or protect a good cause you are fighting for. The warrior angels battle against the bad in the world, by promoting love, compassion and peace. Ask these angels to help you find compassion for those who are destroying the world, to send them love and help them spiritually evolve so they stop their ignorant, selfish, destructive behaviour. You cannot eliminate the dark with more dark, only light. The head warrior angel is archangel Michael, with his sword and shield, ready to fight against the evils of this world to bring about unity and peace.

Don’t hesitate!

Start asking the angels for help now. There are LOADS of unemployed specialist angels waiting to help you. After all, that is what they are here for. Just make sure you are open to their answers, they may not always be what you expect. These beautiful celestial helpers are not bounded by ego or earthly limitations, they see the bigger picture and know what is for our greatest good. Most importantly, always show gratitude for their help and thank the angels.

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