Could you be the Universe to Something Much Smaller?

Since a young age, I have found it fascinating how our bodies and work. Whilst we go along doing our normal life we have an army of 37.2 trillion wonderful cells within us. All of which consist of smaller organelles that constantly work together to keep our body going! If you ask me, I think it is bloody crazy! Especially, seeing how complicated of a job it is!

The other day I started to go on a journey with my thoughts. I love the Universe and the feeling that I am a part of some much larger! Then it occurred to me. What if I am the universe to something much smaller than me? Yes, I know I sound crazy, but just hear me out. It could be possible right?!

What if all of the cells in our body have their own life so to speak? Like us, they are born, they work, then die. Sorry to put it in such a gloomy context. But that’s what we do!

As many of you know our cells have their own brain, the nucleus. What if the nucleus wasn’t just restricted to retaining the transcript of DNA, and in fact could think freely like our own brain? And the cells actually believe they are a living being like us, belonging to something much bigger? The human body being their universe.

This lady is seriously bonkers I hear you say! Well hold on my darling readers, I may not be as bonkers as what you think! Think about it. It is scientifically known that cells are aware of their own environment; hence they can detect any changes, communicate to other cells and adapt their behaviour accordingly. A bit like us human eh?

So this does shed light on to the fact that cells are actually consciously aware. If cells can communicate to each other, who’s to say they don’t have names for each other and favouritise some more than others? If they can change their behaviour, who’s to say if they are working on keeping our body going or if they actually going on a date night in their little world within our body? Our cells may not even know they are the building blocks to humans as they are not bigger enough to see us or conceive us. Likewise, we are not big enough to see the universe as a whole.

I’m truly sorry if I have hurt your brain with this theory! But it’s definitely some food for thought. 

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