in-person treatments

Slip away & truly relax with a treatment at the Directors Club Therapy Floor. Where you’ll have complimentary access to an exclusive sauna.

90 minutes – £111

Explore the story of your soul. In this Akashic healing session you we will delve into your akashic records – uncovering past life events that are the root cause of an issue affecting your current life. Through various healing modalities such the violet flame, reiki & cord cutting we will heal these events, clear your karma, and delete soul contracts that no longer serve you.  Creating a healing vibrational shift at the soul level. Aligning you to your most optimal time line. 

1 Hour – £50

Reiki is a beautiful healing life force energy that removes energetic blockages and restores harmony within the body. This treatment begins with chakra cleanse & balance. Followed by a full Reiki treatment. To finish, your energy will be grounded and your aura will be cleansed & protected.

75 minutes – £75

This is a luxurious session where you will be pampered from head to soul. It is designed to help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Your chakras will be balanced, cleansed & aligned to allow your energy to flow freely. Followed by a full body massage whilst Reiki flows through the hands for ultimate relaxation. Removing any stress, tension and stagnant energy. Your aura will then be cleansed. Leaving you feeling like you are drifting on a cloud of serenity! 

60 minutes – £55

Say goodbye to stress, tension and shitty vibes with this luxurious 1 hour soul nourishing treatment. This  includes a 30 minute aromatherapy back massage. Followed by 30 minutes of chakra cleansing and Reiki healing. Helping you release blocked energy, promote relaxation and restore balance to your entire being. You’ll leave feeling nourished, refreshed & rejuvenated.

50 minutes – £45

Experience ultimate relaxation as stress and tension melts away with a dreamy 30 minute aromatherapy back massage. Followed by 20 minutes of crystal therapy. Crystals will be placed along your energy line and in your palms to help bring your mind, body and soul into a state of blissful harmony.

30 minutes – £25

This Reiki & crystal infused session is all about aligning, balancing and cleansing your chakras. This includes a chakra analysis, balancing & healing. At the end, your energy will be grounded and your aura will be cleansed & protected.

20 minutes – £20

Crystals are placed softly along your energy line and within your palms to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body, bringing you into a state of rest and digest, boosting your body’s natural healing ability.

30 minutes – £30

Focuses on the tension held in your head, face, neck and shoulders. This is perfect for relaxation and de-stressing using coconut oil to deeply condition skin and hair.

30 minutes – £30 | 60 minute – £50

A wonderful all-rounder massage to promote relaxation through soothing tension in the muscles. Involves a variety of kneading, tapping, gliding and pressure techniques to calm the nervous system and restore wellbeing. 

30 minutes – £30 | 60 minute – £50

Restore your body, mind and spirit with the use of aromatherapy oils upgraded into your massage treatment to help restore inner peace and relieve tension.

30 minutes – £40 | 60 minute – £60

Heated basalt stones are placed as well as massaged along the body to enhance deep relaxation. The heat from the stones help to relax the body and warm up the muscles allowing for a deeper all-over massage for tension relief

Full Experience

Add Reiki to any massage for an extra £15. Reiki will flow through the hands as they glide over the body for maximum healing and relaxation. 

x2 30 minutes – £50

The ideal way to unwind and reconnect with your loved one while indulging in a luxurious spa-like treatment. There is a choice of any 30 minute treatment for each person. Whilst one gets nourished from head to soul, the other can enjoy the sauna or enjoy some rare quiet time, drinking loose leaf tea or barista coffee and then swap!  After your treatments you can enjoy a nourishing lunch together at the Directors Club. Using fresh, local produce and herbs from the kitchen garden.

Lunch is not included within the price.

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