Science Phenomenon Verifies Us Humans Share Thoughts!

Crazy as it may sound to some, we humans telepathically interconnect with each other without realising it. Have you ever had that moment, when you’re thinking about something and then somebody voices your thought? That’s because we are all made of consciousness, thoughts to be exact.  Hence why other people can say exactly what you were thinking about a split second beforehand. Because one of you has just picked up the thought from the other.

Now to some of you reading this, this concept might seem quite far-fetched, especially when I say this happens on a global scale. How could telepathy truly be real? And we communicate using our thoughts without recognising it? But, there is a scientific phenomenon called the ‘Multiples Effect’ which backs up this spectacular notion. The ’Multiples effect’ is where a few people, living in different parts of the world to each other, come up with the same invention or discovery. Roughly the same time; unknowing to the fact that someone else has had the same breakthrough. Imagine that! These people are completely isolated from one and other!

Here is just a small number of instances of the ‘Multiples effect’ taking place over the last 500 years, out of many.

16th Century

A method of solving cubic equations was developed by two people within the space of 15 years, Scipione dal Ferro in Bologna, Italy 1520 and Niccolò Tartaglia in Brescia, Italy 1535.

17th Century

Sun posts were originally discovered in England by Thomas Harriot in 1610, shortly followed by Johannes Fabricius and his father David in Frisia, 1611. It doesn’t stop there in 1612 Galileo Galilei from Italy and Christoph Scheiner from Germany both independently discovered sunspots.

Logarithms were invented by two different people, within the duration of 4 years; John Napier, Scotland 1614 and Joost Bürgi in Switzerland 1618.

18th Century

Oxygen was acknowledged by 3 different people within half a decade in the late 17th century. Carl Scheele in Sweden was the first in 1773, followed by Joseph Priestley in England a year later and finally Antoine Lavoisier in France 1777-1778 whom also named the vital gas we all rely on.

Platinum was also discovered several times in the 1740s, by Antonio de Viloa in Spain and Charles Wood in England.

19th Century

In 1876 a patent was filed in two different countries on the same day for the discovery of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell, Scotland and Elisha Gray, America.

The same year Oskar Hertwig, Germany, and Hermann Fol, Switzerland both independently explained how a baby is created by the sperm entering the egg.

20th Century

Theodor Boveri in Bavaria, Germany and Walter Sutton, America both proposed chromosome carry hereditary information in the same year, 1902.

Also, the great invention of the Jet engine was made by 3 people within the space of 3 years. Hans Von Ohain in Germany 1939, Secondo Campini in Italy 1940 and Frank Whittle in England 1941.

21st Century

The unearthing of a new boson with proprieties in agreement with the Higgs Boson was individually reported by the associations of the CMS and ATLAS experimentations and exploration in 2012 at the large Hadron collider.

Now for the last two centuries, the phenomenon can easily be dismissed due to the remarkable technology revolution making information and findings easy to share or sneak upon. However, during the earlier centuries, information was near on impossible to share between countries in a short amount of time. Even in the ancient time, the ‘multiples effect’ can be seen at work. When pyramids were built as great significant structures in Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, and Peru.  Which proves this phenomenon is not just a coincidence, our thoughts are not created and limited to our brain. In fact, our brain acts as a television or a mobile phone, picking up thoughts like a satellite signal from the field of consciousness.

There is a lot of evidence thanks to the wonderful science of Quantum Physics which shows our thoughts have a great impact on everything we can imagine. Biology, DNA, electricity, even other people’s vibrations and emotions. But now we know thoughts are even greater and complex than that. The thoughts we create are placed into a field of consciousness so to speak. And vice versa we can retrieve others from the same field or connected consciousness.  It is beautifully astonishing to think that whatever we are thinking about throughout the day is from a place of infinite knowledge and wisdom. Some people can, in fact, tap into that wonderful place, the Universe and access the information they require.

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