Words are more tangible and powerful than we realise. Like everything that exists, words are a vibration of energy. They influence our thoughts and emotions, which can really impact our lives. Not to mention the Law of Attraction we bring to ourselves.

When we use negative words and phrases, we are emitting a low vibration of energy which brings down our own vibration and the energy of others around us. The Universe is excellent at bringing us what we believe. For example, many people when they wake up late for work or can’t find their keys, usually say “today is going to be one of those days,” giving off the intention the day is going to badly. It will go badly.

I myself, have lately become conscious of how often I put myself down when making small mistakes and use negative energy draining phrases; and how much this does negatively impact my life.  For instance, lately, my Fiancé told me he is looking into getting a new car on finance and although his salary has increased by a vast amount since November and we are finally financially comfortable. Every time he mentions it, I turn around and say “we haven’t got the money, you can’t afford to pay that much!”

So the other day I got home from work to a Debt Collection letter sitting on my doormat, for an energy bill at my last property. I immediately called the company, and as I thought the bill had been paid. The Universe was letting me know I need to stop speaking negatively of my finances, otherwise, the Universe will bring financial downfalls to me.

Therefore, if you wish to attract positive events and situations into your life, it is fundamental to stay optimistic and utilize positive words and phrases; as they release a higher vibration of energy.  This raises your vibration and the vibration of those around you. Even if you do not believe the affirmations you are making, you soon will, and the Universe always brings you, what you believe.


With all that being said, here are a few positive affirmations and phrases you can use to raise your vibration.

  1. I am Grateful for….
  2. I love me!
  3. There is no one else in the world like me, I am unique.
  4. The world wouldn’t be the same without me.
  5. I am enough.
  6. Today will be the best day ever.
  7. I am going to have a wonderful day, filled with happiness, abundance, love, and peace.
  8. There are many things in this world that make me smile.
  9. I am so proud of…
  10. I got a brilliant night’s sleep, and feel so refreshed and full of energy today.
  11. I am strong, confident and skillful.
  12. I am always doing my best.
  13. I have the freedom to create the extraordinary life I deserve.
  14. I have accomplished many things.
  15. I cannot fail, I can only learn, grow and become a better version of me.

Give it a go! Stay conscious of the words you use throughout the day, and keep them positive. Over time you will naturally find yourself speaking and thinking more positively, and finding the brighter side to life. 

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

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