Akashic healing

Explore the story of your soul

Your past, present and future are simultaneously happening right now. Whatever event or trauma that occurred in a past life, is playing out in the universe as you read this page and is affecting your current life.

Akashic healing is all above delving into the book of your soul. You’ll be able to uncover the origins to issues affecting your current life. And rewrite chapters, initiating a healing vibrational shift in your souls timeline.

Through various healing modalities we will heal the core emotional events that have caused imbalances and issues within your soul’s journey. Aligning you to your most optimal time line. 

Akashic Healing

What are the benefits?

  • Karmic Clearing
  • Find the origin of fears, phobias, or patterns 
  • Heal past-life issues through modalities such as cord-cutting. reiki, the violet flame, chakra therapy, and more
  • Delete soul contracts that no longer serve you
  • Religious vow clearing
  • Clear negative energy, prayers, and curses 
  • Rewrite paragraphs within your soul book to create a vibrational shift that positively impacts your current reality.
  • Reconnect to a quality, gift, or power your soul has
  • Create future records

What are the Akashic Records & Healing?

The Akashic records are a vast archive of the whole of creation. Every vibrational thought, emotion, action, and intention from the past, present, and future is recorded in this etheric library. Your soul’s eternal existence can be found in the Akashic library, including your past life experiences, relationships, soul contracts and karmic patterns, gifts, and future possibilities.

 Akashic healing is where I send healing to any part of your Akashic record that is causing you issues in your present. This is done through healing modalities such as chakra therapy, the violet flame, white light, or Reiki energy.  

 There are two different ways we can do this Akashic Healing session. 

Guided Akashic Healing via Google Meet

I will guide you through a meditation to access your records and view a past life that may still be affecting your soul in this life. This past life will be linked to an issue you would like to heal during this session. For example, a fear, phobia, addiction, relationship patterns, confidence issues, financial patterns, or anything you’d like.

I will send healing to this past life and bring you back to the present moment with me. We can then go on another meditative journey back into the Akashic records. You’ll rewrite the record for that life in any way you feel would have been the best outcome for you. Rewriting your history to heal your soul. 

We will finish by clearing your soul contracts, religious vows, and negative energies/curses. 

Remote Akashic Healing

During a remote Akashic Healing session, I will access your Akashic records for you and view a part of a past life that may still be affecting you. Again this will focus on an issue you choose to heal. I will then send healing to this past life and see if there are any messages from this life that you need to hear now. 

I will then look through your soul book, healing and cleansing any pages related to the issue you would like to heal.

Finally, I will cut your karmic cords and clear soul contracts that no longer serve you. 

I will email you within 48 hours of the session with everything that came up. 

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